Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Monday she rested...

and it was good. Very good.

Yesterday morning I sent a file off to my wonderful (I love her!) editor. Oh, it felt so good to send it zooming off into cyberspace! (The file, not the editor.)

Then, I did...nothing. Well, I did as much nothing as I can stand to do.

I cleaned our bedroom from top to bottom, and the bathroom too. Washed the wood floors and staircase, and was shocked by the dust bunnies I captured. Ugh. Then, I did some laundry. Had to. It was either do laundry or buy underwear. Wrote out birthday cards, a few letters and a bill.

I did fiddle around with an old book file for a while but it was more fun than work. I wrote the story quite a while back and am now changing, um, well -- let's just say it's barely going to resemble the original when I'm through with it. Same characters and basic plot, but POV changes and quite a few other big shifts too. It's sort of like reworking a puzzle. You just find a new way to put the pieces together, one that's, hopefully, better than the first method.

But then I spent the rest of the afternoon sewing and it was fabulous! Perfectly relaxing and productive. I usually keep a few baby quilts on hand for gifts but my current stash is -- well, the stash was plundered at Christmastime so I'm working on restocking. Yesterday I pieced the top for a pink patchwork quilt. Then, since I was having so much fun, I began cutting the pieces for a blue and yellow applique quilt.

Yes, on Monday the blister-fingered writer rested. Say that five times fast. :)


Anonymous said...

You deserve a rest but this sounds like work! You do so much no wonder you've got a finger blister, lol.


Mary said...

I wish I could sew! Do you give lessons?

Dru said...

Sounds like you did a lot of nothing. Great news about the quilting. Do you hand-piece, machine quilt or hand-quilt?

Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL You call that resting? Sounds exhausting! *G* But I love a day like that, such a great, satisfied feeling to walk into a room you've thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom!

Now if I could just get the whole house clean at the same time...

Anonymous said...

Peter Piper picked a piece of pickled pepper.
No wonder you have a blistered finger.

Aussie Jude

Sarita Leone said...

Pam, my blister is still blistery. Ugh. :)

Mary, I am sorry, but I don't give lessons. Maybe a course near you? An adult learning class, perhaps? They usually have some interesting sewing classes.

Dru,It all depends on time. If I've got time, I do it by hand but I'm usually pressed for time so the machine does the work. How is your new quilt coming along? I love the blue and yellow you chose. :)

Nicole, The whole house? At one time? Um, isn't that some sort of mythical creature? *G*

Hey Jude! Yep, my finger's shot. Ugly, and it hurts! :)

Thanks for visiting, everybody!