Monday, February 18, 2008

Casa BowWow

I'm in the doghouse. And I definitely didn't want to be. But I am.


It's a fact of life: when I'm nose-deep in writing or edits my friends end up in the back seat. Way in the back seat. Between writing, which is my job, and my wonderful husband and super family, there is hardly any time left for anything, or anyone, else. I try and juggle it all but sometimes...well, let's just say that my eyebrows haven't seen wax since Chapter 2, okay? Get the picture?

And I've actually got a big, painful blister on the side of my left thumb from hitting the bar on my computer when I type. If I could figure out how to type without spaces, I'd be fine. Until then -- ouch!

I feel badly for not having time to be a better friend but honestly, there are only so many hours in each day. If I could manufacture a few extra I'd gladly visit with friends, and have my brows waxed. But until I figure out a way to produce those exta hours? I do the best I can. And I figure true friends will understand. I hope.

Until then, me and my throbbing thumb are in Casa BowWow.


Anonymous said...

You make me laugh. I know you've been bussier than I've been!

Anonymous said...

Even though your true friends miss you, at least they can visit your blog to find out what you're up to - can't they?

Aussie Jude

Marianne Arkins said...

I have two friends who will sometimes email or call and say, "Deadline? Edits?" LOL... those are the kind to keep.