Friday, February 01, 2008

Ah, the sweet scent of February!

Ta ra ra boom de ay, ta ra ra boom de ay...It's February! Wahoo!

Okay, I'm just thrilled January has come and gone. No more discussion of the lousy month, just happiness about it being behind us.

To start February off with a bang, I'm going to announce the winner of the January "Talk to Me" Contest. Thanks to all who commented, who spoke to me and made me feel less lonely here on this blog. I've loved reading all your comments! So many witty, wise remarks. You're a fabulous bunch of blog readers and I sincerely appreciate the way you show up day after day to spend a few minutes with me. I am humbled, and thankful.

Now, without further ado, the random winner of an autographed copy of Vineyard Mambo, my second novel which releases in March, is....


Congratulations, Pam, you've been chosen to receive an autographed copy of my upcoming novel Vineyard Mambo! Email me at with your snail mail address and I'll send it out to you as soon as I receive my first shipment of books.

Vineyard Mambo is about a small town, a large Zucchini Festival and a murder.

When librarian Anna Romeo seeks answers to the question, "Who killed the least-liked resident of Milton Falls?" things in the usually quiet community begin to heat up--literally! Arson, break-ins and an unscheduled trip to Florida keep Anna's days--and nights--full.

Can the vineyard owning, book loving Anna solve the mystery of who killed the nasty neighbor? And can she do it before anyone else is killed? More importantly, can the mystery be solved in time for the Zucchini Festival to take place?

Thanks to all who entered. There will be more contests in the coming months!


Marianne Arkins said...

Well, shoot. I'm not a winner...


Guess I'll have to buy a copy instead! LOL...

Congrats to Pam!

Dru said...

Congrats Pam.

Darn, I wanted to win. Do you know when we'll be able to pre-buy your book?