Thursday, December 20, 2007

Book Utopia's Favorite Heroine of 2007... Elinor Montoya, the character from my debut novel, Snowdance!

Reading that Elinor has been chosen as the heroine who was this reviewer's favorite was a heart-stopping moment for me. Really, truly, an almost fall-off-my-seat moment!

You see, I peek in at Book Utopia every morning. Yesterday (apparently before the Best Heroines of 2007 List was posted) I saw the beautiful covers that had been chosen for the Best Covers of 2007 List. I was pleased for everyone involved in those covers and books, and thought it was great they had been chosen.

This morning when I saw the list focused on heroines, I smiled. I never thought my book would be on the list. I just smiled because I was pleased for those who were chosen and honestly, curious to see who had been picked.

I saw Annie Dean's name, and thought I'd probably want to read that one. No doubt. Then, Karen Welss. I'm not familiar with her work but the cover and what was said about it makes me think I'll want to read that one, too. Then, as I scrolled down to First Runner-Up, I smiled again, thinking about how great it must feel to be on a list like this one. Someday, I thought. Maybe someday one of my books will make a list like this. Then I saw Friday Maxwell in Shadow Vision by Samantha Storm. What a great title! I knew I had to read this one, too, if only to see the spunky heroine for myself and read what comes after a title like that.

And then I scrolled all the way down. And my heart stopped. I swear, I think it did. Really, truly, it stopped, if only for a second.

This is what I saw:

And my favorite heroine of the books I reviewed this year is:

Elinor Montoya
in Snowdance by Sarita Leone
SNOWDANCE by Sarita Leone

Elinor has a slight advantage over other heroines I read this year. I was treated to reading about her entire life, and thus, got to know her far better than I did any other female character I read. I’m okay with the fact that maybe the dialogue wasn’t the most natural-sounding. I was in her head enough, and I got to see so many pivotal moments of her life, that she’s an old friend regardless. Thinking of her simply makes me smile.

Yes, it was a heart-stopping moment! I'm still shaking, but at least I can think again. Almost. I never, ever thought this would happen. Honestly, I'm still overwhelmed by the reader response, reviews and reactions Snowdance is getting. It's all good, and I love it that Elinor is touching the hearts and minds of readers. As a writer, that's all I ever hope to do--touch readers, one word at a time.

Thank you for this honor, Book Utopia. I am overwhelmed, completely thrilled.

Congratulations too, Annie, Karen and Samantha! I look forward to reading these books, and meeting their heroines! It feels great to be in such talented company!

The full post can be found here.

I'm going to see if I can try and make my hands stop shaking. Maybe I'll be able to eventually wipe the grin from my face. Maybe not.

If you see me today, I'll be the scarfless, grinning one. :)


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Congratulations on making the list.