Thursday, April 26, 2007

Romance in the air

Last night I watched "The Runaway Bride" for the umpteenth time. It is one of my very favorite movies, for lots of reasons. (Not the least of which being how easy Richard Gere is on the eyes!) But it takes place in fictional Hale, Maryland which is actually the small town of Berlin, Maryland. My husband and I owned a beach house on the Eastern Shore for a number of years and often spent time in Berlin, so the place has a special meaning for us.

Watching this movie made me there something special about a certain place that makes people feel more romantic when they're there? For instance, Berlin is the perfect setting for such a wonderfully romantic movie. Anyone who's been there can attest that the air there is sweet and the breeze sultry. It's a spot that encourages hand-holding, long lunches in the park and stolen kisses beneath a star-filled sky. Is there some kind of "romance cloud" that envelopes the Eastern Shore? Or is it the people who flock there? Are they the romance cloud?

Hmm...something to think about. Does romance come to us in special spots...or do we bring the romance with us when we arrive?

All I know is we're making plans to travel back to the Eastern Shore sometime in the very near future. ;-)


Anonymous said...

The mountains do it for me. So many hills and valleys! Seclusion, too--that's something to be admired in a romantic setting.

Anonymous said...

Great work.