Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fifty Trees in Fifty Days

Fifty Trees In Fifty Days.

Strikes me as a great title for a book. I can even conjure up the threads of the story from the title, get a rough draft going in my head just from those five words. It's an intriguing story, one of love and betrayal, revenge and a heart-stopping race, man against time against man. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Tempting for me, whose fingers itch at the prospect of writing said novel.

Hmm...Fifty Trees In Fifty Days. It has potential. Maybe.

But consider yet another title, one I know in painful--truly painful--detail. The title? Fifty Trees In One Day.

Uh huh. You read right. Fifty Trees In One Day.

Plot synopsis? Take one man, one woman, two stubborn streaks and fifty 3'-high trees. Set them loose on rolling green pastures and see what happens. Oh, and toss in one roto-tiller, a brush hog, several shovels, pick-axes, rakes, a lawn mower that refused to either start or mow, a hop bar and assorted wet, muddy gloves and boots and you've got the basic outline of the story. Except wait, I've forgotten to give you the tone, setting-wise. Cloudy, off-and-on rainy. Damp, chilly, soggy. Get it all?

Now, did you imagine that Fifty Trees In One Day is a tale of woe, hardship and agony? Man against nature, the struggle for survival? Or did you think that Fifty Trees In One Day is a light-hearted romantic comedy, a silly romp highlighting teamwork, commitment and passion?

If you guessed the latter, you guessed correctly.

I suppose you must have heard the giggles.

So how did you spend your Saturday? :)