Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I woke in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. A thought flashed through my mind, one that was actually fit to share. Not one of those ridiculous, rambling, middle-of-the-night snippets but the realization I have failed to do something I'd promised to do. And we all know how I feel about broken promises. Probably you feel broken promises stink, too.

So what have I neglected to do?

A while back I promised to share, from time to time, what I am reading with you. But although I've been inhaling books at an almost-frightening speed, I've neglected to share them with you.

My bad.

It would be difficult for me, and dull as dirt for you, I'm sure, if I simply made a long, tedious list of the books I've read recently so I'm just going to share my thoughts about one. One really, really good one. One that kept me mesmerized from the first sentence, and left me satisfied but sorry when the final word was in my mind. Why sorry? Because an excellent tale had come to an end and I selfishly wanted it to continue. It was that good.

Oh, the book? Sorry, I knew I was forgetting something...

Angel in the Rain by Devon Matthews.

It is a gripping tale set in the old west, with bandits and bounty hunters, beautiful women and handsome gunslingers. I loved it, just loved it, and can whole-heartedly recommend this book. It is a Wild Rose Press release and is only available in ebook form now but I am fairly certain it will be coming out in print soon. I enjoyed it so much that although I've read it I plan on buying the print book, too. That way I'll be able to lovingly "wear out" the pages, the way I've done with all of my most favorite books.

Devon Matthews is a talented writer and I am really, really looking forward to reading whatever comes next from her. If it is half as good as Angel in the Rain, it will be wonderful!

So there you have it. What I've been reading.

Now I can sleep easy.


Anonymous said...

This sounds interesting. I read the last book, Morrigan's Cross and loved it. Maybe I'll try this one too.


Anonymous said...

It is great that you do this, share what you are reading with us. I look forward to picking this one up. Thanks!

Carolyn Jacobs