Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Kindness is something that stays with a person long after it's shown. It keeps a song in the heart and a smile on the lips, bringing joy and peace indefinitely. I think it grows, actually.

I woke this morning, smiling because I recalled instantly two kindnesses that lifted me up yesterday. And, since I'm still feeling their effect today, their lifting properties are definitely in full force.

A beautiful gift arrived in my mailbox. It steals my breath, it is so lovely. I am wearing it now, feeling the love behind its making and an attachment to my sweet husband as well. It's gorgeous, and gives me such comfort.

The second gift? A phone call from someone dear. God bless him, he called just when I was beginning to feel blue. A short chat, catching up on what's been going on and sharing gardening stories pulled me right back to my feet. It was a reminder that I'm not alone, even when I'm lonely.

So many people have said, "Call me when you're ready." I know they mean well, but, honestly, waiting for a widow to "be ready" isn't much help at all. It takes a huge amount of energy for someone who's lost her way to even get through the basics; making phone calls requires too much effort. It's less taxing to simply fall into a funk, so, really, a random, short, uplifting call is a gift. The kindness lingers, and is greatly appreciated.

There you have it. Yesterday, the ordinary weeding, writing, mowing and garden harvesting punctuated by two amazing acts of kindness. All in all, one of the best days I've had in a while.

What about you? How did your day go? And do you have any plans for today?

Me? I'm going to weed, harvest, write and wash the truck. It's going to be another scorcher so washing the truck sounds like fun, don't you think?

And I'm going to smile because kindness grows. In this case, it brings some measure of peace, too. And gratitude...lots and lots of gratitude.

Wishing you a peaceful day.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear your finding some good times. Good news, that!

Have fun washing the truck. is it a big truck?

Sue W.

Mary said...

How nice! You have great people in your life.


Dru said...

I love the good times and glad you're enjoying them.

Shearer's Girl said...

Don't do too much in the heat!