Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Aftermath

There are lots of places that escaped the wrath of Irene. Unfortunately, large parts of upstate New York weren't that lucky. There's a lot of damage here. Thousands without power. Lots of water in homes. Creeks and rivers out of their banks. The aftermath of water damage to be cleared as water begins to recede.

Whole towns flooded. Bridges out. Homes gone.

And the worst? Lives lost. This morning's local news tells a story of yet another man washed away in the floodwater. So sad.

Here on the farm, things are pretty okay. Lots of cleanup. Trees down. Shingles off a roof or two. Branches everywhere. The gardens? Underwater. Water in the basement and raining in a barn. But I can deal with all of it. Small potatoes by comparison to some of our neighbors. I am grateful it wasn't worse.

Lots of people still without power. There are power crews from out of state here to help, but they're having trouble getting to the affected areas. Bridges and roads need to be in place for those big trucks to get around, but they're gone in so many areas. I saw a caravan of electric trucks from Illinois pass the farm yesterday. They're looking for back roads that are still passable. I didn't see them come back, so I'm praying they found a way to help the ravaged areas.

Just a few photos of Irene's mess. Nothing too graphic. You can see that on the news, and it's really too disturbing to post much here.

Will be here and there for the next few days. Trying to do all I can to help neighbors. Thanks for understanding!

My boots are getting a workout.

I've rescued a bunch of these from the lawn and driveway.
They were swept out of the pond in the flooding.
He looks lost, doesn't he?

This is usually a lazy, babbling brook.
In a few hours, it took out buildings and changed lives forever.

We're used to seeing a picturesque creek, not this raging torrent.

The wall of water took out anything in its way.

Around here, we're happy to be alive.

Not too thrilled with Mother Nature at the moment, though.


Maria Zannini said...

the flooding is always the worst after a storm. People don't realize how powerful the current can be.

Glad you came out of it all right.

Shearer's Girl said...

I've been worrying about you. So glad you are alive and in one piece.

Dru said...


I'm glad you fared well.

Mary said...

Incredible! I'm so glad you're ok. I have been wondering.

Anonymous said...

Good God, it brings back memories of the Queensland floods. Glad you are OK though. Talk soon. Aussie Jude xx