Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come On, Irene!

Good Sunday morning, friends. Just popping in while there's still power here on the farm.

Irene's finally found us, and already she's making a forceful first impression. And this is just the beginning. Torrential rain and increasing wind have me up way before sunrise. The hammering on the roof isn't conducive to peaceful sleeping!

So, I've spent the past three days battening down the hatches. Now, I'll just ride it out and hope for the best. We're forecast to probably lose power so if I'm missing for a bit that's the reason.

I've got plans to read. Write. Watch the rain. And, if the power holds up, I'll watch the Weather Channel. Or not. I can't imagine what they might tell me that I won't be able to see with my own eyes!

And, just to add interest to this wild weather week, another small earthquake shook Albany county yesterday morning. Nearby, but I didn't feel a thing.

What do you think the weather in Tuscany is? Just wondering...

I hope you have a peaceful day. See you soon!


Maria Zannini said...

Hope she moves on soon.

With all the hurricane news, I never heard anything about another earthquake.

Thanks for the update. Stay safe.

Mary said...

Be safe!

Wendy said...

I got up this morning, looked out at the sunrise on a perfectly calm, clear sky, and wondered how it is possible that the other side of this very same continent is experiencing a devastating storm like Irene. Stay inside, don't take any chances, and I'll pray!

Anonymous said...

Stay safe!!!

Sue W.

sharon said...

What's up with this weather??

Dru said...

I'm a day late, so I hope Irene left as quickly as she came.