Thursday, August 11, 2011

Farm Happenings

Summer is a busy time here at the farm. The days seem so short, mostly because I'm trying to fit in weeding, mowing, harvesting, canning, freezing, housekeeping and, last but not least, writing. Yes, my days have been jam-packed but I like it that way. Not an awful lot of spare time to think, which is a good way to get through the days.

As usual, I'm hitting the floor running today so I thought I'd share a couple of photos. That way you can see what kept me busy just a few days ago.

First, though, I've got to show you one of my favorite things. Do you see that lovely bracelet hanging on the vase holding a lily my sweet man planted for me about three years ago? (Yes, I know it's a long, convoluted question but, honestly, everything is important so I squashed it all in!) Anyhow, I've been wearing that bracelet in remembrance of those who suffer from the monster leukemia. I love the bracelet. It is comfortable, warms my heart and gives me hope that someday no one will suffer from the disease.

Strides are being made. Yesterday's news featured the fabulous news that three cases of CLL, the most common type of leukemia, are being treated successfully in a new manner. Three cases may not seem huge to someone who's never dealt with the disease. Believe me, every case is important and every life saved matters. This news gives hope that treatments are evolving, lives will be saved and maybe, someday, the monster leukemia won't claim any more beautiful people.

Anyhow, that bracelet? I love it and wear it everyday. I park it when I'm going to do something messy, which is why it's hanging on the lily.

Now, to the messy...

Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries just keep coming here.

Honestly, I can't pick the blueberries quickly enough!

Raspberry Jam

They didn't grow here on the farm.
Wouldn't it be amazing if we could grow tropical fruits here?

Mangoes getting hot and sticky.

Now, mango jam!

So many cucumbers!

Washed and dried.

I love dill pickles!

So, what's been going on in your neck of the woods? Anything you'd care to share?

Wishing you a peaceful day!


Maria Zannini said...

Every time I see your pictures, I so wish we lived closer.

A big YAY on the leukemia advance. It was great news!

Sarita Leone said...

I wish we lived closer, too, Maria. I'd love to sit and chat with you!

The leukemia advance truly lifts my spirits more than I can begin to say.

Dru said...

Like Maria, I wish I live closer too.

I love when there are good strides toward finding positive treatments.

Have a good Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so yummy! And your bracelet is beautiful.

Sue W.

Mary said...

I want to visit your farm!!!

Marianne Arkins said...

I saw that leukemia info yesterday and thought of you... wouldn't it be amazing if they found a cure? I lost a young niece to it a few years ago. It's just devastating.

I have berry envy! Your jams look amazing.