Monday, July 11, 2011

Travel Hints

Today was spent doing laundry, wading through a huge stack of mail and tackling yardwork. You know how it is when you go away; there's always a ton of stuff waiting for attention when you return home. So, today I paid attention. Tomorrow, more of the same.

I don't mind one bit. Both being home and adventuring keep me busy. An added bonus? I carved time today for writing. It's finally beginning to get easier to write, more like it was before...well, before. In the old days, long before life took a frightening turn, writing was fun. The words came without too much effort. I took pleasure in putting fingers to keyboard and telling stories. Finally, that's beginning to come back to me, that joy of writing. It's coming slowly but at least I know the feeling is still there. Somewhere. Anyhow, today I tackled chapter three and it was very satisfying.

Now, a few hint-y photos from my adventure. I'm not divulging much yet, just sharing a couple of random shots.
First, let me just say I know why this is called an Airbus. Just saying. For the longest time it felt as if we might drive from Philly to New York. Really. An Airbus.

Where I went, even the decoys travel in pairs.

Ibis feed in twos.

Mangoes grow side by side.

Ducks waddle in unison.

Even bananas grow two to a peel!

Love signs?

Just there for the observing...


Dru said...

Glad you had a good adventure and it looks like it may have inspired your muse to travel to your fingers to tap out a story. Cool!

Love the "two" photos.

Have a good evening!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Gorgeous, seeing all those pairs. The leaf at the end is beautiful.

Shearer's Girl said...

I'm glad you are experiencing the joy of writing again. You always create a lovely warm atmosphere in so few words when you blog. I think you have plenty more books to come.