Sunday, July 17, 2011

From the Farm

Good morning. Thank you all for your positive comments and emails yesterday. I appreciate your kindness. I was just having a crummy day, but you all made it so much better. Thank you!

Here on the farm it's going to be very busy day. I've got trimming to do, berries that need picking and a book that is wonderfully close to its last chapter. So I thought I'd share some random photos from this past week.

Shearer's Girl asked a while back whether there are animals here on the farm. No, there aren't, although years ago, long before we bought the place, it was a large, thriving farm. There were cows, horses, chickens (and I don't mean just a few, either. One barn held five hundred chickens!), sheep and who knows what else. Ducks, I think, down by the pond. Anyhow, we were fortunate to become friendly with a woman who grew up here when animals roamed this property, and she filled us in on the goings-on that took place years ago.

We bought the farm long after the last cow had been sold, and the only animals Vito and I brought here were our two little cats. Mimi and Piglet are in heaven now so aside from the foxes who live on the hill, the deer who roam the forest and the woodchuck dancing on the back stoop, we're animal-free.

Now, the farm this week...

I love the greens on the back hill.

Hydrangeas beginning to bloom.

Trees are loaded with cherries.

I've just begun picking them. Sweet and juicy, but a lot are way out of reach.

Still trying to figure out how to get the high ones.

The tractor seat, maybe?



We planted several varieties, and all of the trees are heavily laden.


I planted three rows of tomatoes, so I'm going to be busy canning.

Blueberries earlier in the week. Now they're much purpler.

Spotted this by one of the barns. Pretty!

Wild sweet peas growing by the big barn.

Such a lovely scented flower!

I planted these because I love the color.

See this?

The first peach.

Lousy photo.

Amazing, sweet peach!

Just before nine last night I realized I'd spent most of the day sitting in front of the computer. As I said, the book is nearly done so I'm single-minded. I figured it there was time to take a short stroll before darkness settled, so I headed out to the yard.

Didn't take a bowl or bucket, so I only picked what I could carry in my hand.

Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

I had ice cream for dinner.

Yes, it's true.

I still hadn't eaten at nine.

But, after a fast shower, the prize of ice cream and berries made working on the book all day well worth it.

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by!


Dru said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures of your garden and the plentiful bounty.

Ice cream for dinner is great.

Have a great Sunday.

Wendy said...

Beautiful pictures! And white Hydrangeas - wow. I'll have to send you a pic of our deep blue and purple ones.

Mary said...

The farm looks gorgeous! Your tomatoes are huge. We have only flowers.

Ice cream for dinner is a good thing!!

Maria Zannini said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm so jealous of your cherries.

It might be too hot for them down here, but I'm going to try again next year.

Thanks for sharing your pictures. Makes me want to go out and weed--almost.

Shearer's Girl said...

Thank you for telling us all about the farm. Fancy being able to grow peaches! It's too cold here. What a beautiful place to live.