Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blistering Thursday

Good morning, friends. I hope this finds you doing well--and trying to stay cool. Oh my goodness, it is hot, hot, hot here! Yesterday upstate NY sweltered. Today it's going to be even hotter, in the high 90s. Scary hot.

Thank you for all the kind notes and emails about my finishing the story. You are amazing, and I am blessed. You all stepped up, supporting me and really making what could be a hard time very satisfying. Thank you.

Yesterday I began the post-book catch-up. When I'm in the home stretch, writing, I pretty much ignore everything else. And this time, there wasn't anyone to take up the slack and keep things under control here. What a mess I had!

I vacuumed and mopped. Dusted and tossed the expired milk and moldy cheese from the fridge. Spent some time weeding. Did laundry. Made phone calls--I won't even tell you how many messages were on the machine. It is too funny and embarrassing as well.

Still trying to catch up on blog reading, emails and putting laundry away. I also have a sewing project that I'd like to finish by next week. So I've got a few things to cross off my to-do list but it's whittling down.

This morning I'm going to get back in the garden before it gets too hot. The tomatoes need staking and peppers, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries need picking. Cukes, yellow squash and zucchini are on the way. I just hope things come in in big batches, so I'll be able to pickle or can all at once instead of in drips and drabs. We'll see.

Good news? It looks like Chuck didn't have any friends or relations. I've been poking around but it seems like there was only the one woodchuck. Friends Linda and Ray took him to live on one of their woodlots, miles from here so I'm hoping he's happily chucking wood in his new home!

Enough rambling from me! What have you got planned for this boiler room day? Whatever you're doing, please try to stay cool. This heatwave has dangerous written all over it.

Hope you have a peaceful day!


Dru said...

My plan is to stay where there is a/c, although I need to go out during lunch to pick up several items needed.

Stay cool!

Wendy said...

We are still waiting for summer here on the west coast. Our temps have hovered around 65-70 degrees all month, with a lot of rain in the mix. Very unusual. Today will be business as usual at the bookstore, with shoppers taking advantage of our final closing sale. Only 3 more days until THE END. YAY! Have fun in the garden, my friend.

Anonymous said...

More garden pix, please!

Sue W.

Marianne Arkins said...

Glad to hear you're surviving the crazy heat! We're hoping it will cool down enough this coming week to make pickles. I have absurd amounts of cucumbers!

Hope your weekend was wonderful (cleaning house aside).