Thursday, July 28, 2011


Last Tuesday, I think it was, I sent off the new story to my editor. God bless her; she gave me a nudge just when I needed it and now I'm pretty much back into the writing habit. I didn't do any writing, obviously, while I was laid low by the heat issue, but yesterday and today I'm back in the writing saddle. Thank you, Nic!

Yep, back in the saddle--with a change. Implemented yesterday. Fingers crossed, it'll make this part of life progress more smoothly.

What did I do? It's something many other authors do, something that seems ridiculously obvious and necessary. I'm keeping a notebook about the book. Nothing grand, just an ordinary spiral-bound spot to keep track of POVs, scenes within chapters, characters, a timeline and, maybe most importantly, details.

That's right. I'm trying to keep track of the details. My sweet man used to help me remember the small things because as I wrote, I'd discuss every chapter with him. His memory was like magic, and he never forgot the incidentals. Whenever I couldn't recall something I'd ask Vito. He could always provide the answer.

Now I've got to keep track of this stuff on my own. It's not easy! I'm deep into chapter four and already was already forgetting some things. So yesterday I began tracking the book in a book. I have high hopes that it'll keep me from constantly looking back to find a fact or, worse still, from changing the small things and creating a continuity catastrophe.

My little book just may be my new best writing friend. Hey, if it works to remind me when so-and-so appears or the colors of the duck, I'll be happy.

That's right, the duck color is a biggie.

What's new in your life? Anything you'd care to share?

Wishing you a peaceful day.


Mary said...

Another work day here. No fun there!

So happy you are finding new ways to do old things. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read this. It sounds like a goodie.

Chilly here and I hate it!! I want some of your sunshine.


Shearer's Girl said...

This is why I stick to writing poetry. Duck colours - intriguing.