Thursday, December 11, 2008

N aughty List?

Ever felt like you should be on Santa’s Naughty List? Not in the sense that you’ve done something big and bad, but more like you’re not doing all that you should be doing? Like maybe your To-Do List is getting out of hand? And if it is, in fact, growing as large as the Abominable Snowman’s belly, who’s to blame? The person who wrote the list, of course! And in this case, that would be me.

Yes, I’m having a bit of pre-holiday angst here. Thankfully I generally shake angst of any kind pretty quickly so I’m not worried this will linger. But…it’s there. Lurking beneath the surface, like a fat toad waiting to snap its tongue at an unsuspecting mosquito.

My To-Do List? Totally out of control. I’ve been chipping at it for hours and I’ve gotten enough done that it’s shrinking but I can’t help but wonder how it grew so fat and long without my realizing it.

Has that ever happened to you? One moment you’ve got four or five things on the list—then, the next time you look down, there are a dozen? Or more?

It seems the holidays, even though they are wonderful, heartwarming and joyful, come with a built-in list. Believe me, I’m not complaining. I’m just saying.

So, before I forget, some things from my list that I’d like to share with you…

Yesterday was my day to take part in Cindy K. Green’s White Christmas Jubilee. I had a blast visiting with Cindy—she always throws a great party! If you haven’t had a chance to peek in at the Jubilee, the link is here. Today’s blog guests are Kara Lynn Russell & Anna Kathryn Lanier, two very talented authors. I hope you'll head over there and say "Hi!" to all the particpating authors.

A few days ago I realized a few days ago that Proclamations, one of my short stories at The Wild Rose Press, is on sale. It’s right on the homepage, if you’d care to check it out. The direct link is here.

I went over there last week and picked up some great stories to give as holiday gifts. I’m attaching them to e-cards I’m sending to some cyber-friends. Ebooks make economical, earth-friendly gifts; who wouldn’t be pleasantly surprised to find one in their mailbox?

On the fourteenth I’m blogging at Paranormal Romance Writers . It’s my first time blogging there so I’m pretty psyched! I hope you’ll stop in and say hello. The link is on my profile page.

Something else I’m excited about—next week I’ll be the Tuesday interview over at The Long and The Short of It! Isn’t that great?

All right, now that I’ve shared some stuff I don’t feel half as stressed. Isn’t it great how that happens? You share what’s on your mind with friends, and voila! Instant stress reduction. Thanks for listening.

Before I forget, I want to let you know I'm going to have Author Chats a couple of times each week at From the Pages. Lots of talented authors have signed on to be interviewed. Look for breaking news of upcoming releases as well as titles that are already available, the inside scoop on some of your favorite authors, as well as wonderful giveaways. I think it's going to be fun for everyone. Who knows? We all may find some fabulous new-to-us authors whose work will find space on our "keeper" shelves.

If you're an author interested in appearing on From the Pages, just drop me an email. I'd love to have you visit!

So, what about you? Are you feeling a little swamped this December morning? What's on your plate today? Anything you'd care to share?


Diane Craver said...

I am feeling swamped. I thought I was on top of everything but not getting done what I need to daily on my to do list!

The author interviews sound great.

Melissa McClone said...

My To Do list is out of control, but I'm having too much fun to worry about it. I'll probably end up with a stocking full of coal. The good news is there's always next year!

Hang in there!

Cool about the author interviews. That sounds really great!

Anonymous said...

I think To Do Lists grow in direct proportion to the amount of resistance we have to doing what's already on there.

Which is why Hubs and I decided that any To Do list longer than three things gets thrown out. Once we went to a one-in-one-out policy on our To Dos, things got a lot easier.

But it was sort of a forced situation...we both work (I write, he goes to an office job) and he's in school and we have kids. That's about all the To Do we can handle.

Not too much going on here. I'm still immobile because of my back/neck, but all the holiday stuff is done, so just takin' it easy.