Monday, December 08, 2008

E lf

Here in the middle of nowhere we had a snowstorm yesterday. The Weather Channel called for two inches of the white stuff, and only a 40% chance of anything at all. The forecaster obviously didn’t take our backyard into consideration when he made that optimistic prediction. Believe me, it snowed up here—and a heck of a lot more than a few inches.

We didn’t mind one bit. Nestled inside the house, with the fire roaring and Christmas music playing, we were snug. It was the perfect sort of day for decorating the tree in our great room, so we did that first. Then, we wrapped packages. Once every bow and ribbon was in place we looked at each other for a minute.

Now what?

There was no time wasted trying to figure out an answer to that question! During the warm-weather months we’re so busy here that an empty afternoon is rare. But now, with Old Man Winter howling, we’ll probably get quite a few of them.

Oh…what did we do? We settled in and had a movie marathon. All holiday movies!

We started with cheese and crackers, and Surviving Christmas—James Gandolfini cracks me up in this one. Certainly not a Sopranos adventure, that's for sure!

Then we watched Christmas Vacation, with Chevy Chase. It doesn’t matter how many times we see that movie—I always laugh until I cry. It was dinnertime by the time we popped this into the DVD player, so we made a pepper-and-onion pizza—and ate every last bite.

The funniest we saved for last. At least that’s what I think. My husband thinks we watched the funny movie first but shh! Let’s not tell him that it was the other way around. While we watched this last movie we consumed more snickerdoodles than I care to admit. Well, since we’re all friends here…let’s just say I ate more than five but less than fifty.

Hmm…? The movie? Oh! Sorry! The final feature of our movie marathon was Elf, starring Will Ferrell and James Caan. Honestly, how can anyone not think Will Ferrell wearing yellow tights and riding the elevator while doing a split isn’t funny? I have to admit, I howl at this movie. Hubby thinks I’m nuts but hey—every nut has its season. Mine just happens to be December.

How did you spend your Sunday?


Wendy said...

Ah, Sundays. Usually very busy around our house, but I ALWAYS make room for the afternoon nap! The one day I indulge in that wonderful rest. We had a great church service in the morning and then went to a community production of "Scrooge" last night - wonderful! All in all, a super Sunday!

Anonymous said...

We attempted to shop. But our "elf" decided she wanted a toy--conflict of interest, of course. So, my husband decided he doesn't like shopping with three-yr olds. We came home. A monster of a headache took over my day. I sat around in pjs and popped pills that made me sleep. Now it's Monday. :( I want Sunday back. REally, I don't mind shopping with elves. It's easy when you lock them in the shopping cart or stroller. My husband just won't listen. MEN!

Ceri Hebert said...

Haven't seen the first or third movie yet, but I like Will Farrell. We hunkered down and watched Meet Dave with Eddie Murphy. Kind of cute. Love your decoration! Still trying to get into the spirit. Maybe next week.

Dru said...

My Sunday was a lazy day with light chores and the rest doing what I wanted.

Melissa McClone said...

My Sunday was spent revising. I would have much rather had snow and Christmas movies. I might have to check out Surviving Christmas. Sounds cute.

And I commented on your comment about my book on my blog. Thank you. Thank you to your mom, too!