Sunday, October 05, 2008


The holiday-themed books are beginning to hit the store shelves!

I don't know about you but I really enjoy holiday stories. When I saw the first few of this month's Harlequins on display I was tickled to see three Christmas stories.

Don't ask me why but the local store never puts all the Harlequins on display at once. I think it's a ploy to get shoppers back in time and again through the month but that's just my take on it. I don't mind their stocking methods during the warm months but when we're snowed in it rattles my cage. Hard. But I digress...

Last night read the first, Snowbound in Dry Creek. I couldn't put it down! I read waaay past when I should have turned in but I couldn't close the book without seeing how it ended. This morning my eyes are bloodshot but it was well worth it.

I discovered Janet Tronstad's Dry Creek series a lot later than I wish I had but at least I've finally found it. There are lots of earlier books (unfortunately I haven't read any of them) but this isn't a series where the reader has to be in on the opening story to fall right into the feeling of the place or get to know the characters. The writing style is similar to Jan Karon's so Mitford fans will enjoy visiting Dry Creek, too.

A Dry Creek Courtship was the Dry Creek story that hooked me. The characters are so realistic they feel like people anyone might know. They are good people but they don't always make the best decisions. They may be sometimes stubborn or regular people. I like that. I like a character with flaws, one who doesn't feel perfect or sugar-coated.

Maybe the thing I like most about the Dry Creek stories is the place itself. Dry Creek is written so clearly I can see the hardware store and cafe, feel the heat from the old belly stove and bounce along the rutted roads as if I'm right there. I'm pulled in from the opening pages and, as last night's marathon page turning shows, I'm engaged right up to the final word.

A Dry Creek Courtship

What about you? Do you read holiday stories? Any favorites?

Today I'm opening my well-worn copy of Dracula. I hardly seems the follow-up to such a heartwarming holiday tale but it is October. I read Dracula every October. And Frankenstein. And The Cottage, which is one of the scariest books of all time.

October...goblins and ghouls and all sorts of bump-in-the-night books. And in between? I'm gettting set for Christmas!

Hope you have a great Sunday! :)


Unknown said...

I'm going to pick up this Dry Creek book. The cover is fun and you make the whole series sound fabulous. Thanks for pointing this one out.

I have a rotten time picking Christmas books. There are just too darn many to pick from! I usually end up leaving them all on the shelf!!

Janet Tronstad said...

Sarita -- I am so glad you are enjoying the Dry Creek series! I just arranged a Google Alert for my Dry Creek series and your comment popped up.

Susan -- I have the opposite problem. I love Christmas stories and have a hard time leaving any on the shelf!

Anonymous said...

I saw this one yesterday at Wal Mart. I had it in my hand but put it back. Now that I have read your little review I'm going to pick it up tomorrow. It sounds like it's an endearing story. Thanks!


Janet, said...

I kind of stumbled upon your site. Congratulations on being a published writer. I write children's books, unfortunately none are published yet. But I'm going to keep trying. I have blackberry bushes, pear trees and apple trees (the apple trees sadly didn't do well this year) and have made jelly and jam all summer. I love the country life. I like your site.