Monday, October 13, 2008

On the Run

Sorry to say "hi" and "bye" so quickly this morning but I'm on the run, trying to beat the raindrops that aren't in the forecast.

Yeah, it's Monday! But at least starting the week this way keeps me on my toes.

What's making me dash? Ooh, it's all good stuff on my to-do list for this morning...

-I've got a half-dozen late mums to plant in the flower beds.
-There are carrots and parsnips to be picked.
-The big sugar maple in the side yard has lost its leaves. I'm going to rake them, then till them into the pumpkin patch. Not much fun in the rain so I've got to get that one done early!

Then this afternoon, after all my yardwork is done, I'm going to sit down and finish a chapter I've been working on. The story is a Regency and it's got the usual cast of characters--would-be bride and a gaggle of advice-dealing girlfriends as well as a notorious rake with hot, hunky good looks. Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours, is it? I'm looking forward to finishing up the chapter and beginning the next one. There's going to be lots of twisting and turning for this couple before they find their happily ever after.

Anyhow, that's my Monday. What about you? Any plans for this Columbus Day? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy yourself.

And keep an eye to the sky. Rain isn't forecast but the clouds look kind of heavy. Hmm...I wonder if Al Roker needs a sidekick?


Marianne Arkins said...

yeah, the leaves are falling like crazy -- it's as though they finally realized it was, yanno, FALL.


I don't till my garden -- I have far too many earthworms AND the toads are already starting to hibernate. Don't want to chop anybody up.

Dru said...

Looks like a busy day ahead for you. I sure hope rain doesn't come down by me.

Anonymous said...

Why is it it always rains when they predict sun? Same thing going on here, and I've got laundry on the line! AHHHH!!!