Thursday, October 02, 2008

Apple-picking time

We lucked out and got a warm, sunny day this week to do one of our favorite things. We went apple picking!

Getting to the orchard is an adventure in itself. There's a long, winding, steep road. At the top--the prize. Acres and acres of gorgeous apple trees! And a breathtaking view.

We buy a bag of cider donuts and wander through the trees, filling our apple bag until it's so heavy we each have to grab a handle to carry it back to the car. Usually we see at least one woodland creature. A bunny. Some deer. An eagle.

The experience is so refreshing, so peaceful, that it's no wonder I begin canning applesauce and making apple rings, pies and apple cookies as soon as we get home. I need to use up the apples we've picked so we can head back to the orchard for another relaxing afternoon of apple picking!

I'm already halfway through this week's bushel. Apple pie, anyone?


Unknown said...

These pictures are gorgeous! You always find fun in ordinary things. The applesauce sounds fabulous.

Melissa McClone said...

Simply lovely, Sarita. Thanks so much for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

The apples on our tree are already rotting. Sigh. I wish the season lasted bit longer for our trees.

Apple pie? Yes, please.

Dru said...

I have never gone apple picking. I imagine it's fun.