Friday, October 03, 2008

Here or there?

Happy Friday, all. Hope you've had a great week. Here in the northeast we've been rained in most days. And you know what that means, don't you? What we do when we're stuck inside?

Um...aside from the cake eating, I mean. did you find out I'd baked a cake? A big, sugary layer cake? Hmm?

Oh, right. You noticed the sticky fingermarks on the blog post. Duly noted. Next time I'll keep a damp towel beside my plate!

But what I was talking about was exactly that. Talking. When we're marooned in the house Hubby and I talk. A lot. Not all of what we discuss is earth-shattering or important stuff. Okay, so most of it isn't even remotely earth-shattering but hey, it keeps us busy.

This week's topic? My office.

Hubby thinks I should have my office in one of the buildings on the property instead of in the house. There's a small building beside the storage barn that would be perfect. It's close to the house but all on it's own. Or there's a spot beneath a couple of huge maple trees in the yard that would work too. Of course we'd put up a small building there, beneath the trees. It's not like he'd send me outside with a legal pad and pencil, maybe an old blanket to spread on the grass or anything. No, there'd be walls. A desk. Maybe a light.

So that's what's kept us yakking this week. Plans. We've got plans for spring projects. At the top of the list? Moving my office.

Me? I think he just wants me and my writing out of the house. Can you blame him? When I'm working I'm usually leaving empty coffee cups around, wearing two different socks and mumbling to myself. Yeah, I'd want to put me near the barn, too!

What kept you busy this week? Anything you'd like to share?

Any plans for the weekend?

Us? We're hoping the rain quits long enough to cut the lawn. It's a jungle out there!


Melissa McClone said...

I'd love a quiet weekend, but it's going to be jam packed with soccer on Saturday and Irish Dance on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Gonna be a writing weekend since errands for/with the kids kept me hoppin' all week. Plus, soccer on Saturday and Pep Band for the football game tonight....

Dru said...

Traveling to Texas and working on a project at work.