Monday, May 19, 2008

Just right

What a busy weekend we had! It was wonderful...we spent most of the warm, sunny times outdoors. We dug. We planted. We stood back and admired the result of our digging and planting. In a few instances we undug. (Undug? Is that a word or did I just make that one up? Whatever. I'm sure you know what I mean!) Then, we dug some more. Planted again. And smiled when we pronounced things just right.

Just right. Isn't that a phrase that brings warmth? I'm sure everyone's idea of just right is different, yet the calm, peaceful feeling that accompanies the words is something we've all experienced.

In the book I'm working on I'm finding a way to the just right for my characters. To tell the truth, while the twists and turns came easily, the just right is giving me a run for my money. I don't want their just right to come too easily but I don't want it to be so ridiculously tough to find that most people would throw their hands up in disgust, walk away and decide there was no just right for this two. No, the just right moment has to be...well, just right. I'll keep working on it and let you know how it's coming.

Until then, simply looking into the yard brings a warm glow to my heart. Oh, and when we weren't working in the yard during the day we were cooking up a storm every evening. Fettucine Alfredo. Brownies. Grilled veggies and pasta. Strawberry shortcake.

Hmm...maybe we'd best schedule more time for exercise. Although gardening counts as a workout, doesn't it? Anyhow, the food was also just right, so all is well here.

What about you? How did your weekend go?

Me, I'm hoping things are just right in your world too.


Marianne Arkins said...

Absolutely gardening counts as exercise!!

And, I have to admit that "just right" made me think of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, LOL.

I did a bit of gardening myself this weekend. Isn't it lovely to do? I really enjoy digging my fingers into the soil.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Marianne. Gardening counts. Watering the houseplants counts too, LOL.

I didn't garden but I did manage to find the "perfect" pair of jeans with my teenage nephew. He is the pickiest kid on the planet I think. Aside from the actual trying on and choosing the jeans we had a fun trip to the mall. Took him for lunch and we talked. Nice. Just right, even.

Now back to work!


Dru said...

Definitely gardening counts as a form of exercise.

My weekend was great. Took in the aquarium, strolled the boardwalk, made a recipe which came out great and got several items for an upcoming project that I needed.

I hope your Monday is a good one.

Melissa McClone said...

We spent a lovely weekend in Seattle. The weather was warm, the sky blue! Perfect!

And gardening does count as exercise. That is hard work!

Anonymous said...

Gardening is definitely good exercise and I did a little over here in Oz. The weather was too nice to just stay inside.

I'm a "just right" person...everything has to be spot on. Just Right is also a cereal over here and now I'm feeling like some!

Aussie Jude

Anonymous said...

Gardening is exercise! Absolutely.

I don't think it's just our characters we search out "just right" for, but ourselves, as well. I could do an entire treatise on the emotional baggage all the clutter was keeping supressed, but I won't do that here :) .

I saw the picture of the Walking Stick Kale (though the ad called it "cabbage"--can it be used just like kale leaves? They look like kale leaves), and am definitely going to give it a go! We may be too late for a harvest this year, but it says you can overwinter it, so I'm definitely going to do that...and hold some seeds back to plant on time next year! I'm so excited!