Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hero, Aisle Two

"Petunias. We have to have purple petunias for the window box."

"And some of these snapdragons." The cart rapidly fills. Orange, yellow, pink, purple...they nestle side by side, colors complementing in a crayon box sort of way. "How about geraniums? Want some of those?"

"Why not?"

Why not indeed. We're going to be planting all day long at this rate. But the sun is shining and the weather is warm and we've nothing pressing for the afternoon. Hmm...let's get an extra geranium or two.

When the wagon is so full we can't fit another blossom in it we head to the checkout. Hubby pulls cash from his wallet, hands it over. I pull cash from mine, and when the bill is tallied the cashier gets her due. Then, I turn and hand half the amount hubby gave me back to him. After all, we are partners. Why should he foot the whole bill?


"You're welcome." Accepting the receipt, I head for the wide doors leading to the parking lot. A hand on my arm stills me.

"Why don't you wait here? I'll put them in the car."

"There's a lot of stuff here..."

"No biggie." He grins. "I'll be right back."

"If you're sure..."

"I am." With a nod, and a quick kiss, he accepts the receipt the man outside the door will ask to see and pushes the flower-laden cart through the doors. I watch him leave, then turn back to the store. When he returns we'll head to the side exit and into the adjacent statuary garden.

"How long have you two been together?"

I look up. The cashier grins, and the long line of people waiting to check out (mostly women) stare. I notice the smiles on their faces.

"Twenty five years."

A few murmurs from the crowd. The cashier shakes her head, smiling. "It looks like you've found your match. That man's a hero."

Several women nod in agreement. I nod too.

"That he is."

And they've only seen him in the flower shop. If they only knew...

How was your Tuesday?


Anonymous said...

I know your hubby is the basis for all the heroes you write. I'm not surprised he once again put on his superhero cape or that people noticed. You are a lucky woman!

My Tuesday was like all the others. Nothing special, just me at work. I'm really looking to that long weekend!!


Unknown said...

My Tuesday was pretty uneventful. But my daughter's was good! She won a spelling bee at her school. I was so proud!!

Your garden and yard sounds gorgeous. You should take pictures! I want to see where all the flowers are going!

Your hubby always sounds like such a doll. :^)

Anonymous said...

Does he have a brother? What a guy!

Jenn :-)

Dru said...

That is so beautiful it put a smile on my face.

You'll have to take a picture of your garden so we can see all the pretty flowers.

Marianne Arkins said...

Awww.... **sniff**...

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie!

Diane Craver said...


Glad you had a terrific Tuesday! Mine could have been better.

I visited your website - love the colors and it is very nice!

Melissa McClone said...

Awww. Very sweet!

You don't want to know about my day. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Great blog.
BUT, Geraniums? They are my least favourite flowers, they have a funny smell. When I moved into my home in Hyden (Wave Rock) the whole front yard was covered in the blighters! They lasted about 2 days!

You're a lucky woman having a darling hubby that you've got. Then again, he's a lucky man too!

My Tuesday? If those trouble-makers at work aren't removed I'll be leaving rather quickly!

Please can we have pics of your garden in the spring?

Aussie Jude