Friday, May 09, 2008

Globetrotting art

A while back my Australian friend Jude sent me a card featuring the art of Beverly Skurulis. Jude's famous around here for sending fun surprises that bring her world right into ours. She gives us a glimpse of what for her is everyday but for us smacks of the extraordinary. I love mail with Jude's handwriting on it!

Anyhow, Beverly Skurulis is an Australian artist and I've got to tell you I just love what she does. I love the bright colors and fun, almost edgy feel her art has. It's beautiful and playful all at once, and just makes me smile.

I've had the card Jude sent matted and framed and it looks fabulous hanging in my office. Sometimes I stare up at it when I'm struggling to find just the right word. It's become one of the things that helps bring serenity to my world. Thanks Jude!

Oh? The card Jude sent? It's called One for the Tucker bag. Very sweet, and I love it.

And when I've got the odd moment to troll the Internet? Invariably I head back to the artist's site and take a peek at her work. I enjoy doing this, so I thought you might, too. From Jude to us to you, the art of Beverly Skurulis.


Anonymous said...

You're right, these are interesting paintings. Some of the colors are so vibrant. Thanks for opening the door to a new artist! I'll go back and look some more when I'm not so pressed for time.


Dru said...

wow, they are beautiful. I will look at more later in the day, but thanks for introducing us to this artist.

I hope you have a good Friday and weekend.

Melissa McClone said...

Those are bright and colorful paintings. How nice of your friend. And I love that you had it matted and hung in your office!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Lovely artwork, I love the vibrant colors. I only had a minute to browse but I'll definitely be going back later to study them more.

Anonymous said...

Now that was a lovely surprise! I'll have to head back to Karratha to buy some more cards, won't I? That's the only place I've seen them over here.

Aussie Jude

Anonymous said...

They're gorgeous! And it's pretty cool that your friend knows you well enough to pick a card you'd love so much. Sounds like you have a very special friendship.

Susan :^)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks for the link.

And thanks, Jude for sending them to Sarita so she could share with all of us.