Monday, May 05, 2008

Birds, Bees and Birthdays

Ah, Monday again. I love Mondays.

I hope you all had a great weekend. We had a wonderful time here, even if there were spots that were a bit more overcast and dreary than I would have liked. I spent most of Saturday in the greenhouse. Let me tell you, the place is packed! Flowers and veggies, and even an orange tree, are taking over in there. The plan is to plant the first wave of stuff in the gardens in early June. Then, back to the greenhouse to begin a second wave of flats. This time, perennials for the flower beds. I've decided there are areas that need some extra color so we're putting in some new perennial beds. Along a stone wall, beside the pond and down a slopey part that's murder to cut. So, you see, we're going to be busy as bees these next weeks but--can you tell?--I love doing it.

Oh! Bees! Ours are all out of the hives and doing their jobs, zipping from cherry blossom to apple blossom to apricot blossom to...well, you get the idea. A few years ago we had difficulties with pollination (is this maybe more information than you need? Hmm?) so we got bees. Worked like a charm. Last season we had bushels of grapes and everything got really well pollinated, all thanks to those busy bees.

Not much else going on. Am still banging away at the next mystery but I'm close to the end. I love manuscript endings because it's the point where everything just comes together. I like that, the tidy little package at the end. An "Aha!" moment or two and maybe some hint at what's to come next. Or, maybe a kiss to seal a deal. Who knows? All I can say is I'm happy to be bearing down on the final chapter.

So how did you spend your weekend? Did you relax? Were you bee busy? Or was it a combination of both? Whatever you did, wherever you went, I hope it was satisfying. And I hope you're as psyched to see Monday as I am!

Now, for the birthday part...

Recently my darling husband celebrated a birthday. We love birthdays around here and celebrate for at least a week with silly surprises, special meals and goofy cards. Cake, too, there's always lots of cake--even for breakfast. But the birthday chaos is fodder for another post...

Back to the hubby's big day. Before the actual day I asked him if there was anything special he'd like for his birthday. His answer? "More of you."

Hmm....More of me? What, did he mean for me to gain loads of weight? I thought for a few minutes, then I realized what he meant.

So, I'm giving it to him.

I thought I'd share the birthday gift news with all of you first since it'll affect the time we spend together. Essentially I'm going to cut back on my work schedule and spend long, relaxing days with my hubby. We'll laugh and garden, read and barbeque, but I won't be at my desk as much as I have been.

What does this mean? Not much to many. For hubby and I, it means he'll have more of me. And me of him. Personally, I love the idea. For everyone else, it won't have any real impact on their lives. I'll write less, at least until the fall. And until the fall I'll only blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I'm going to miss my morning blog chat, emails and reading all the blogs whose writers feel like good friends but I'm sure I'll adjust. Because really, spending a lazy summer morning in bed with a good man isn't anything to whine about. And if we get up early and take a long walk in the forest and meadow instead of my sitting on my behind at this desk? I think it'll be a good thing, all around.

Birthday wishes should come true. This one is in my power to grant, so I'm going to do it. It's what he wants. He deserves it and I'm giving it to him.

I hope you understand. So, I won't be here tomorrow but I'll be back on Wednesday. And I'll do my best to visit everyone's blogs and keep abreast of emails but if I slip a little I hope you'll give me some slack.

Oh! If you get the chance to slow down a bit, breathe the warm, sultry summer air or spend an evening chasing fireflies with those you love, I hope you take it. I truly believe that some of the most treasured memories come from spending ordinary days with special people. I'm hoping we make some extraordinary memories this summer. I hope you do, too.

See you Wednesday. Until then, have fun. :)


Emma Sanders said...

I think that's great! Making memories with your loved ones is the most important thing you can do (yep, even over email, blogs and forums.) Happy birthday to your hubby!

I love your description of the birds and the bees. This time of year is such a beautiful time, with new things sprouting and growing. It sounds like you have a great summer planned!

Marianne Arkins said...

Awww... what a sweet DH! Of course we understand.

I didn't know you had hives! How cool. I live vicariously via Bird Chick and her hives. Have you ever read her blog? It's here. She's a hoot. I've learned more about birds, and butterflies (I found her when I was looking for info on my own pillar problems), and bees and edible fungus from her!

In any case, enjoy your summer :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll miss your daily chat for the next couple of months but I can understand why you would say yes to the request. I know your DH has been ill, hasn't he? This seems like a reasonable request! And happy birthday to him!!

So loving it that you have bees. It sounds like your place is a real amazing spot. Heavenly!


Dru said...

That is so beautiful. Enjoy those lazy hazy summer days with hubby and we'll see you when we do.

Happy Birthday to hubby!

Melissa McClone said...

Enjoy your time with hubby! Great gift, btw!

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call true love! Enjoy your special time together. Birds and bees...hmmmm!

Aussie Jude

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Hubby, and you really are giving him the best present.

Of course we understand, but we'll miss you, too.