Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Morning Quickie

Ha! I'll bet that got your attention, didn't it?

Just stopping in for a fast chat before I head downstairs, then out the door, to begin what will undoubtedly be a busy and tiring, yet satisfying, day. Got lots planned, but first I wanted to visit with you.

So, how's it going? Are you feeling all right? Everything going well for you? I forget to ask these questions. I'm always interested but sometimes, in the hurry-scurry rush to get from point a to point b, I forget. Lo siento! I'm sorry. Forgive me? I'll try and ask more often, but if I don't just give a shout out. Let me know what's up in your world, okay?

Well, a fast glimpse into my life before I have to dash. I'm still shaking my head over something that happened yesterday evening. I thought it might give you a clear idea of what life here in Leoneland is like. :) Ready?

Just in case you have some silly notion that all goes smoother than silk on a goose's butt around here I'm going to let you in on a closely guarded secret. It doesn't. Now, I know I've probably shocked you but it's the truth. We have a great time here but honestly, sometimes things just don't go as planned. Case in point? The installation of an underground water line to the greenhouse.

The greenhouse is a good distance from the house and I've been toting water for the seedlings. Let me tell you, it's been a pain. When my husband decided to install and underground line to make my life easier I couldn't say no. I mean, I'm all for hard work but hey, I'm not stupid.

Last night, just as I was about to begin schlepping jugs, hubby called, "It's done! Drop those buckets! You've got water to your greenhouse."

My heart leapt. Could it be true? Water? Greenhouse? No buckets?

A dream come true.

With a smile, I took the hose nozzle. He's got it set up so the underground line comes up and connects to a standpipe with a hose attached to it. That way, I can either bring water inside the greehouse or hose the flower gardens down. I'll be able to spritz my flower boxes or even turn the sprinkler on in the far vegetable gardens. Really, it's all good.

Or so I thought.

The nozzle is a new, ergonomically correct one that we bought last year but hadn't had a chance to use. When I aimed at the nearest flat and pressed the lever, I expected a fine spray of cool water to gently, lovingly mist our pampered seedlings.

Instead the blasted thing gave me a full-face, hard, cold spray right between the eyes! Within an instant I was drenched. The interior of my little house was dripping. Miraculously, the seedlings remained dry. Bone dry.

Apparently there was a small clear sticker on the end of the nozzle, "protecting" all of the spray holes except the ones around the edge. Those, I now know, work fine. Just. Fine.

So you see, life on the farm is sometimes more slapdash than serious, and we like it that way. I finished watering between bouts of laughter, and now that the greenhouse and I have both had a spring christening I'm sure we'll get lots of gorgeous stuff to grow in the yard. We'll eat, we'll stop to smell the flowers, and we'll laugh. What more could we want?

I plan to till the smaller vegetable gardens today. And the annual flower bed could use some freshening up so I'll add composted leaves and till them under. The day will be filled with dirty moments but when it's over we'll sit on the porch and smile. If I'm lucky I'll be dry but who knows? Around here anything is possible!

What do you have planned for this beautiful Saturday? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy yourself.


Dru said...

Your adventure with gardening and greenhouses sounds like fun.

Me, I'm going to take a stroll on the boardwalk.

I hope you have a pleasant day out in the sun.

Unknown said...

I'm laughing! Very funny!

You mean a writer's life isn't all roses? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! But it works, now? Yay!

Water Polo Tournament game down, one to go....

Melissa McClone said...

Haha on the post title.

I'm tagging you!

Marianne Arkins said...

I raked leaves out of yet another garden... I only have one more to go! LOL... I'm deciding what to do with my garden decimated by chipmunks, and I saw that I finally had a few daffodils blooming! Yay!

In celebration of spring, I painted my toenails. Bright pink.