Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Love is in the air

Yes, it is. Really. I wouldn't pull your leg, now would I? Well...all right, I might attempt to pull a fast one--sometime--but not now. I'm serious, love is in the air, despite the flag-flapping wind that's threatening to blow branches from trees and birds from nests.

Love is in the air. I can smell it.

Don't laugh. I can hear you, scoffing at my olfactory senses.

Smell love? In the air? Why, the woman must be cracked!

See? I told you I could hear you!

Hmm? You want proof that springtime love is being buffeted--ahem, I mean drifting through the hills and valleys? Proof? That's easy.

Just look outside your window. What do you see? Robins, flapping in two by two? Buds on lilac bushes? Love, definitely, in those buds. By the way, did you know lilacs are symbolic of first love and innocence? It's true. So really, there's no getting past the romance in those gangly branches bending in the breeze.

What else do you see? Do you have snowdrops poking up through a stubborn layer of the white stuff? Snowdrops symbolize hope, and what's more hopeful than, you guessed it, love? Are your tulips pushing up through the soil? Love. Daffodils? Joy and devotion. Are you somewhere warm, where rosebushes may already be blooming? Yeah, love's coming up all over, isn't it?

And what do you hear being wind-thrown through--um, wafting in through an open window? Cooing doves, pairing off and pecking gravel? Love. Swallowsong as they feather their nest? Uh huh. Feathering a nest together, now that's pretty romantic.

Do you remember the first time you feathered a nest with someone? *Sigh* I do. Saying it's romantic doesn't quite do the experience justice, does it?

Love is, without a doubt, in the air. All we have to do is brave the breeze and be open to seeing it. Soon the spring winds will die down and the world will calm, and love will take hold in a more prominent display. Until then, we've got to recognize love when we sense it.

Me? I sense it. I hope you do, too. By the way, that Morning Glory, with its heart-shaped leaves, stands for affection. This morning I planted a flat of Morning Glories in the greenhouse.

I can't wait to see them blooming in the yard. Soon. Then love will really be blooming all over!


Anonymous said...

I do remember the first time I "feathered a nest". What an experience it was. Very nice to remember.

Carrie D.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I can remember the first time I "feathered a nest". I'd love to go into detail but I won't. It had something to do with a railway line and a Valiant utility! Those were the days.

Aussie Jude

Unknown said...

Great pix! Makes me think of summer. And I do feel love in the air, you're right.

Dru said...

I think people are happier once Spring rolls around.

The day other I did notice something green rising out of the building's landscape.

Great photos.

Marianne Arkins said...

I'm trying to think positive about spring...I really, really am.


I did have ONE robin on my snow-covered lawn this morning! LOL...