Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Midnight Hours

I'm possessed. There. I've said it. Out loud. In front of witnesses.

Possessed. Do you hear me?

Since I figured my way into telling the story, I can't get away. I fear I may be possessed, driven by the whip-weilding muse, until the final page is written. No complaints here. I'm loving the way this is going but I'm not getting much sleep.

Sleep can wait, can't it? I mean, I'm half done with the book. I'd been nearly finished with the "original"--more than once, actually, but that damn possessive muse... Forced me to delete big chunks, to move back to a salvageable point and rewrite, using the new slant.

She was right, you know. About the scrapping chunks? Completely on target.

The story is much stronger, now. More interesting, too. I think. I hope.

Oh, what if it's still rubbish?

Y'know, there's always one heckler in the crowd, isn't there? Escort that sucker right out the door! Get outta here, self-doubt! Hit the road!

There. Now back to life in the possessed lane.

Oh? A hint? Just a wee hint about the muse's takeover? All right, if you insist. I've got two words for you. Parallel stories. That's it; it says everything. Or so I'm told -- by some crazy, drill sargeant muse who refuses to shut up.

Have a nice day. I hear it's Wednesday, but who can ever really tell with those things? In my world it's page 153. :)


Dru said...

Isn't it great when things turn out the way it should? I'm glad the story is progressing.

Sleep, you'll make it up over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

LOL on today being page 153. I love days like that. ;)

Muse-possession is good, I think.

Melissa McClone said...

Go for it, Sarita! You have to make the most of a flowing muse!!!! Good luck!