Friday, April 25, 2008

Reeling in the years

My high school reunion looms. This fall, actually. I've been giving a lot of thought to old friends and passing time.

This morning I posted a note on our message board at I'm hoping to reconnect with a certain old friend. She and I were really close in school but when I went to college we lost track of each other and now, so many years later--and I shudder when I think of exactly how many years it's been!--I'd like to catch up with her. I really hope I get some leads on her whereabouts. Who knows? Maybe she'll contact me herself!

Lisa...? Yoo hoo... Are you out there...? Lisa...?

Maybe I'll just wait and see if anyone raises a hand, waves an email address or phone number.

And time passes in some unusual ways, especially between the pages of books.

Last night I bought Isabelle and the Outlaw by Loretta C. Rogers. It's a short story from The Wild Rose Press. I don't know about you but I love short stories, especially when they're as entertaining as this one is. I read it early this morning (had another of those 4 am nightmares. Ugh!) and I loved it. A time travel story, Isabelle and the Outlaw has interesting characters and a solid story line that reeled me in so completely I was actually disappointed to see the story end. It is well done and if you haven't read it you might want to check it out. It's the first thing I've read from Loretta Rogers but I'm going to see if she's got a backlist. Reading about Isabelle and her hunky outlaw made up for my monster nightmare! :)


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Loretta's book is awesome!

Reunions. I really didn't enjoy my time in high school, I just wanted it to be over so I could be out on my own. But it still strikes me as odd when I look back on those years and the friends to whom I was joined at the hip--if we weren't together, we were on the phone--and wonder how is it possible that we haven't kept in touch all these years?

It's inconceivable, of course, when you're seventeen, that the same people you can't live without today will be the same people about whom you're wondering "whatever happened to..." years later.

Trusting that your dh survived the mayo incident since you didn't mention any illness from it, thank goodness. Mine loves to freak me out by finding old leftovers in the fridge that I forgot to toss--and eating them. I swear the man has a stainless steel lining in his tummy! *G*

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to my high school reunion next year. My HS BFF (who I haven't heard from in, uh, 10 years) promised she'd be there....

Melissa McClone said...

I hope you hear back from your friend. I've attended all three of my high school reunions. They were fun, but I didn't really keep touch with many people after that. We tried, but once again lost touch after awhile. Luckily I still do exchange Christmas Cards with a handful and random emails over the year. Not sure how we've managed to stay in touch after all these years, but I'm glad we have.

Marianne Arkins said...

I just wrote a long ole comment, and then Blogger ate it. ARGH!!!

In a nutshell --

Me = 25th reunion coming up -- not going, live on wrong coast.

Me & my HS BFF = still in touch, friends for 28 years.

I'd written far more flowery prose the first time, but Blogger demoralized me! LOL... hope this one works.

Dru said...

I've never been to my high school reunion because I found out about them after the fact.

Reading today's blog made me think about the so few friends that I did have and I plan to contact them next week.

I hope you're able to reconnect with your friend.

Have a good Friday.