Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gardening, Anyone?

Thank you for your kindness and support. I was lifted yesterday when I read your comments, and I appreciate the lovely emails as well. You've warmed my heart when I really needed it. Thanks!

Just a few days after my husband's funeral, one of his aunts told me that I'd hear things from well-meaning family and friends that would upset me. Her advice? Whenever someone says something that pushes me near the edge, just turn my back and close my ears! Smart lady. I should have remembered that when the "move on" moments came. Now you can bet I won't forget the advice again!

Anyhow, it was sultry here yesterday so the gardens needed watering in the evening. I love watering, so I took my time strolling through the garden areas. So many things are growing! There are small green tomatoes and peppers. Vines are vining, squash and melons are growing wide leaves and the carrot tops look so feathery. There are flowers on some of the potatoes and the eggplants look sturdy. Oh, I love gardening!

My one gardening flop this year--so far, that is!--isn't in the veggie gardens but in the front flower bed. I planted orange cosmos. I'd grown them from seed in the greenhouse and they were about twelve inches tall when I planted them out. Well, they apparently enticed a bunny to dinner. Ahh! They may recover but I doubt it. On the one hand, I'm happy Mr. Rabbit isn't devouring the vegetables. On the other hand, I'm sad to see the cosmos so munched up.

I know Vito's laughing in heaven. He's got to be amused that life here is somewhat "normal" and that I'm dealing with the wildlife! He'd always plant "extra" for the bunnies, so really, I can hear him chuckling over the Cosmo Buffet.

What about you? Are you gardening? How're thing growing in your backyard?


Anonymous said...

No garden here but I want to see pictures of yours!

Hugging you from a far, hun.

Sue W.

Mary said...

I too would like to see garden pix!!

Anonymous said...

Your husband's aunt is a wise woman. Listen to her.


Dru said...

No garden for me, but I'm enjoying living vicariously through your garden feats.

Maria Zannini said...

I love to garden, but the heat has been bad lately. If my plants can survive another month, they ought to start thriving again.

So far the only veggie that loves these triple digits are the tomatoes. Even my peppers are taking a break.

Yes, please post pictures. :)