Thursday, June 23, 2011


This isn't the year for me to attend the RWA conference, even if it is close to home. I would love to be there, but really, this just isn't the right time.

I am, however, contemplating next year. Anaheim, California. Never been there. Who knows? Maybe it's something to plan for. Work toward. Establish as a goal. I like the idea.

I know it'd be so good for me to get to chat with other writers face to face. To learn at the workshops. To grow through networking. I'm not a great schmoozer, though. Honestly, my sweet husband was the bright star here. He had personality plus. Me? Just an ordinary woman doing ordinary things.

Still...I think I'd like to attend the RWA conference next year.

Yes, I would. I really would.

Okay, there's one goal to move toward.

What about you? Any goals you're making a conscious effort to achieve?

Me? Anaheim. Oh, yeah, and exercising about five pounds off my backside. That's on the agenda, too!

So, first, the backside. Then, "California, here I come!"

Hope you have a peaceful day! Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! It is inspiring that you are looking to the future. I am behind you, hon!!

No plans here. Just trying to stay warm in this chilly mess!

Sue W.

Melissa McClone said...

Oh, cool! Not sure I'll make that one or not, but Anaheim has Disneyland! You'll have a blast!

Wendy said...

GREAT goals! I'm cheering for you. And by the way, you are NOT an ordinary woman, my friend. You are one of the extraordinary ones all the way.

Mary said...

It sounds like a great goal! I am really glad you are looking ahead.

I second Wendy. You're not ordinary!! I mean that in a good way!