Wednesday, January 31, 2007


People always ask "What are you writing now?" It's a good question, I guess, but it often puts me in a tight spot. Because really, how can you sum up a plot, characters and the ending I'm usually still working on in my mind in the course of a conversation? I suppose I could but really, the listener would probably be sorry they'd asked!

The truth is that although I am rarely without a work in progress, most times I'm elbow-deep in research. Research? Yes, research. You see, before I can write a story or book set in some exotic location, I need to research that spot. And before I can write about any of the interesting bits and pieces that constitute a person's character and interests, I have to research. Because although I may have a character who para-sails, I don't para-sail and I most certainly don't intend to give it a go, either--not even for the sake of writing. So I research. Same goes for so many other aspects of life that we take for to change a tire, what temperature does a pizza oven need to keep to cook a perfect pizza?, the difference between cement and concrete, where to go in San Antonio for some good music.... The list goes on and on and the answer is always research.

Oh, and what am I researching now? My current work in progress takes place during the Civil War. It has to do with the Underground Railroad and the time just before the Battle of Gettysburg. So that's what I've been learning about. Fortunately, these topics interest me so, for me, research is fun.

Until next time.