Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Petticoat Pledges

Good news! Yesterday I was offered a contract from The Wild Rose Press for a short story I wrote called Petticoat Pledges. It is for their American Rose line, so it's a Civil War story set in Mississippi in 1864.

An excerpt? Sure, I can give you an excerpt. In fact, I just happen to have one right here...

For most, word of the war was one of the main reasons they went on living. That and the snippets of communication from their loved ones on the battlefields, brought by any means available to their work-worn hands and love-starved hearts.

“Ours was such a fast promise, a spur-of-the-moment pledge the morning they were leaving. Why, as a group of men walked by, Henry called out to me. It was just as casual as if he’d asked me to dance with him at the Harvest Ball. ‘Love me while I’m gone, won’t you, Bettie?’ It was a request that I’ll hear always. Even in my sleep his sweet voice comes to me.” The words were nearly whispered now, as she recalled the crispness of the morning they were first uttered.

Petticoat Pledges is a Valentine's Day story so it'll be available by February 14th. As I said, it's all good.

Hope your day is a happy one. Until next time.