Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yesterday we left the farm behind and headed for the city. Hard to believe, isn't it? But really, we did. We got away from the trees and meadow, the tilling and planting.

Our car had an appointment for its 30,000-mile checkup so we dropped it off, jumped into a brand new, metallic red loaner sports car and did what any couple would do. We headed for the mall.

First, I've got to say the little red car was a blast to drive. And yes, I realize they put us in that particular car because they hoped we'd buy one. The idea of a car payment, even with its all-time low interest rate, just doesn't appeal so we had fun for the day but were perfectly content to claim our own vehicle when the time came.

We stopped at a diner and had more breakfast than two people should ever have! Lingering over tea, we chatted like newlyweds, finding topics that don't come to the surface often here on the farm.

Then, the mall. On a Tuesday it's possible to skate through the deserted space. We practically owned the place, and took our time strolling through almost every store. Barnes and Noble held me captive for a good hour. And no, I didn't leave empty-handed, but you suspected that, didn't you? Macy's cosmetics counter also claimed my attention, as well as my money. We browsed in LL Bean and contemplated taking up fly fishing. And I dashed in for a quick trim at the hairdresser's. I feel decidedly less shaggy now--thanks, Jina!

After lunch, then more wandering, we stopped for ice cream sundaes before returning to the dealership. They were just washing our car, so our timing was perfect! We left the city before rush hour traffic hit, and after a quick grocery stop we were back on the farm in time for dinner.

Dinner? Oh, we ate on the back deck, barefoot and still damp from showers. We listened to birdsong, propped our feet on the deck railing. We leaned back, surveyed the trees and gardens, the meadow and hills and were grateful to be home. The city is a nice place to visit, but we belong on our little farm.

Pardon? Oh, what did we have for dinner? Strawberry shortcake, of course! What better way to end a fabulous day than with a little indulgence?

So, how did your Tuesday go? And when you need to recharge, is there anyplace in particular that calls you? And is a day sufficient for you, or does it take longer for you to unwind?

For no particular reason other than I'm happy, I'm going to randomly choose one name from today's commenters to receive a copy of For the Love of Grace, one of my early Wild Rose Press releases.

Happy Wednesday!


Mary said...

You had a great day! I am so glad you got away for a bit.

Have read For the Love of Grace and enjoyed it immensely.

Dru said...

I love your day, especially your stop at B&N.

My Tuesday was okay. When all was said and done, got money back from the eye doctor.

Melissa McClone said...

Sounds like the perfect kind of recharge day. Especially the strawberry shortcake.

I didn't write yesterday, but it was quite as recharging a day as yours, but it was fun!

Kathleen said...

Glad you got away. We love to go into the city (Brandon in our case) and browse at Barnes & Noble.

traveler said...

What a lovely outing you had and your setting sounds sublime. I enjoy taking a hike into the foothills and seeing the beauty of the vista which is spectacular all year long.

ruth said...

An ideal day which is great. I get out of town and explore the historic areas in this unique state.

Anonymous said...

When I come to visit I want to browse B & N with you!! And I adore strawberry shortcake...strawberry anything really.

Aussie Jude x