Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just Because

I just love crocuses. They're so brave, poking up through the cold ground. On a church lawn near here there are hundreds of them blooming. We saw it a few days ago, and of course I didn't have my camera with me. I'm hoping to get back to see them again early next week. If I do, I'll take a few shots to share with you. Until then, these made my morning walk very pleasant.

Hope you have a nice Saturday!


Keira said...

Absolutely stunning! No wonder you find inspiration in such a beautiful spot. It makes me want to leave the city and head for the country.

Melissa McClone said...

In our last house, which was our first, we were surprised that first spring with a row of crocuses. We looked forward to them blooming each year. I miss them so much. And worse, the people who bought our house remodeled so the backyard no longer exists. The crocus are gone :(

I really should plant some here in this new house to continue the tradition.

Dru said...

Those are nice sites to see while walking.

Have a good Saturday.

Mary said...

So pretty! I've got to plant some of those. I love them, thanks for sharing them with us.

Have a nice weekend!