Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pears, Firs and Walnuts...

... Oh my!

We've been eyeball deep in tree planting this week but we are, thankfully, down to the last seven transplants. I waved off planting them today, citing temps too high for the task. Mid-80s temperatures make for a better excuse than the truth... I guess my knees aren't as young as they used to be, or as young as I'd like to think they are. They need a break.

I'm going to spend the day sitting on the back porch with Hubby. Maybe we'll take a spin on the pond this afternoon but that's as strenuous as I plan to get today. We'll read. Play chess. Eat ice cream cake.

Maybe we'll pick daffodils for the dining table. Or maybe we'll just sit on the porch, glasses of iced tea close at hand, and watch them sway in the flower beds.

Hmm... I feel a nap coming on.

What about you? Any plans for this gorgeous spring day?


Dru said...

I enjoyed the ocean breeze.

Sue W. said...

I worked but I didn't mind it. :-)


Melissa McClone said...

I've been writing and will continue to write. A must do loaded gun pointed at my head kind of thing. But I must admit I do my best writing under pressure. Sure wish I could change that part of my process.

Cami Checketts said...

It was Stockton's birthday today and it rained. So we went swimming at an indoor pool. Great fun.
I'm sure the trees are hard work, but how wonderful. I love trees. My husband wishes I would stop begging him for more!
Have a lovely Sunday,