Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Anyone have any romantic Valentine's Day plans? I know Sarita sent out a stack of cards last week...I still haven't gotten mine but I'm sure it's coming. I mean, it must be...don't you think?

Don't you?

I thought so. It just must be delayed a bit. That postal lady looks like she's pretty busy. Maybe my Valentine is at the bottom of her stack. All right, I'll practice patience. Patience isn't one of my strong points but I'll work on it this time.

Hmmph... Just thinking...if a Valentine doesn't come soon, I'm going to sit right down with a pint of Ben & Jerry's vanilla and dip my whiskers in. I mean it, I'll lick the bottom of that pint clean. Who knows? I might even go back for a second if that postal lady doesn't deliver.

What about you? Is your mailbox overflowing with pink envelopes yet? Have you sent out your Valentines? And, this inquisitive mind wants to know... are you planning to spend the special day with anyone, um, special?

Me? I've got a sneaky suspicion that I'll have a date...with Ben...and Jerry.


Unknown said...

I'll send you a Valentine Piglet! I haven't sent any out yet but I plan to pick up a couple this week.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Piglet. I'm not sentimental about holidays, so no big plans. Well, we're going to 10's basketball game, and the library's kickoff of Oregon Reads to celebrate the sesquicentennial (say that five times fast). Maybe a movie later in the day.

Kara Lynn Russell said...

After the many obligations of Christmas, I really enjoy Valentine's day. If I want to send a friend a card, I can. If I don't, no one is hurt.

This year I've decided to send ecards and save a few trees. Do you have an email address Piglet?


Dru said...

It hasn't been Valentine's Day for me in eons. I hope you enjoy your day though.