Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cat Tales

Before she passed on, my sister Mimi had an idea about writing our own book. It was a good idea, I think, but since she was undeniably the smarter sister I’ve let the thought drop now that she’s gone. No, don’t feel sorry for me…I always knew she got the brainy gene in the family. No doubt about that! But we all have our roles to fill…someone had to be the cute one, don’t you think?

Anyhow, Mimi thought we should write a book. After all, we watch Sarita do it all the time and, between us, mind you, it doesn’t look that hard. She sits around with her computer, typing or staring at the sky. Sometimes she mutters, or closes her eyes and puts her head down. Mimi used to say we could do those things—all except for the typing, that is.

You know, I’ve been thinking…she might have had a point. And although I’m more of a looker than a brainiac, I just might be able to pull off the book thing. How hard can it be?

Sarita says that everyone has a story to tell. Me? I’ve got one, too—a tale of four cats who took a long trip from Virginia to New York…

What about you? Is there a story you’re itching to tell? Or maybe you’re already telling your story…if you are, how’s it going?

And…do you have any typing tips for someone without fingers? Hmm?


Melissa McClone said...

Voice Recognition Software. That should do the trick, Piglet. Of course, you'll need a meow-to-English translator!

Dru said...

LOL..that's a good one Melissa.

Marianne Arkins said...

LOL... yep, Melissa -- you win the prize for clever :-)