Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Behind the Scenes

I'm sure I haven't spread the word very well, what with all that has been going on here, that I've got a new feature at From the Pages. In the chaos, this has kind of gotten pushed to the back burner. But now that things are settling down I just want to make sure everyone realizes that there's something fun and interesting going on over there.

What is it? Author interviews! That's right, every Tuesday and Wednesday readers get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes in an author's life. Often the authors are gracious enough to offer prizes to commenters. Some authors even share recipes, something I find especially interesting! Yeah, I love a new recipe!

If you've got a minute I'd love it if you headed over to From the Pages and took a peek. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised!

Hope your Tuesday is a relaxing one. I've got a few chapters to write this morning, and yesterday's work to edit, so I'll be happy as a clam at low tide. What about you? Any plans for today?


Dru said...


Not much going on. I'm working on another small quilt project using excess fabric and batting.

Have a good Tuesday.

Unknown said...

Hope you have fun editing! I'm going to check the author interview for today out. Then it is off to go grocery shopping.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling like today, maybe, I will take over the world.