Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Release Day!

Building the perfect house on idyllic Chincoteague Island is a dream come true—or so Nina thinks. But when her marriage ends just as the finishing touches are put on her beachfront home, Nina’s pleasure turns to pain. To further complicate things, a body washes up just outside her back door. Not just any body, either. Facedown and seaweed-covered, the corpse is her ex’s new lover. Now that presents its own share of problems!

Maxx Tallman, Chincoteague’s Chief of Police, is smart, handsome and fast on the trail of the murderer. He just might be the man to help Nina free herself from the web of intrigue that ensnares her. Who knows? He might be the one to help fill her lonely nights, too.

But first they’ve got to catch a killer. Fast—before the tide pushes any more bodies onto the sand.

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Anonymous said...

I don't remember when I've been so happy to see July, LOL!! I'm looking forward to reading this. My copy is already ordered!



Unknown said...

I just ordered a copy. Now I have to try to be patient and wait for it.

Big congrats on your new book! I know it will be as great as the others.


Marianne Arkins said...


Hmm... I wonder why WC didn't send LASR a copy for review?


In any case, I'm all about print, so need to go get me one to add to my TBR pile (where Vineyard Mambo still languishes).

Mary said...

This looks great. I'm reading Vineyard Mambo now and I think it's great. Nonno is too sweet!


Dru said...

Congratulations on your book release and I can't wait to read this book.

I hope all is well.

Jen said...

Congratulations! I'm definitely going to get this - it looks like perfect summer reading. I'm buried in classic short stories right now as I plan a World Lit. class for next fall, as well as The Song of Roland and Don Quixote, so I definitely need something fun and this looks WONDERFUL! Yay!

Paper Hearts. A blog by author Lauren Delaney said...

Congratulations Sarita!

Whoo Hoo! I also see that three of your titles are in the top eight of the Whiskey Creek Press HOT TITLES list! Way to go!
Congratulations again, to such a talented author!

Lauren :-)