Saturday, July 05, 2008

Big News!

Big news!

I got an email yesterday from a reader in Virginia. She said Sniffing Sand is going to be her book club's reading selection for the month of August! Can you imagine?

I'm honored and thrilled and...well, I'm a tad nervous. I really, really hope they enjoy the book. I had a blast writing it and so far it's gotten great early reader response but still, I've got a bit of a wobbly stomach over this news. I guess it's one thing to have a single reader reading, but it's a whole other deal to know a group of readers will be sitting around talking about plot, motivation, character--the whole shebang.

Deep breath in...deep breath need to give myself the willies, is there? I'm thrilled, and I hope the Virginia readers will be, too.

Happy Saturday! :)


Unknown said...

That is great news! You must be so excited!! Congratulations. :^)

Anonymous said...

That is too cool.


Dru said...

That is great news. They will love it. Congratulations on Sniffling Sand being a book club's reading material.

Anonymous said...

Don't be nervous! I read Vineyard Mambo and Snowdance andthey were great. I know the new book will be just as good. Congrats!

Mary Marco

Anonymous said...

Sarita! This is fabulous! Don't be nervous. You've got readers who are getting together to discuss your book! How exciting!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

That is wonderful news--and so very deserved!!

Congratulations! I'm sure they'll love it!