Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday After

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. July 4th is honestly one of my all-time favorite holidays. Why? Because it's in the summer, that's a plus. And it involves family, friends and fireworks, all things I love. But mostly, July 4th is big in my book because of all it stands for. Freedom, at all costs and against all odds. Hope, strength and promise...what could be better reasons for celebrating?

And did I mention there are fireworks?

I hope you'll forgive me for being brief this morning but I took the long holiday weekend to spend time with our family, enjoying all the abovementioned items. Of course, you didn't see any mention of "work" above, did you? So I'm going to be scurrying all week long to catch up on work but it was well worth it to spend the holiday celebrating.

This week? Edits on an upcoming release. Also, fine tuning and submitting a novel in a series that's already begun. No, no hints on which book it is!

Here are a few of the photos I took July 4th. You'll have to imagine the booming, but at least you'll get to share in the sight of our fireworks! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like your weekend was great! Good luck on the upcoming work week. Back to the grind, eh?

Hugs, Pam

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures. Our July fourth was spend cleaning out the garage. Not so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures. 9 wants to know where you found glow-in-the-dark sea anemones.

I love watching fireworks. Just don't like the crowds, smoke or crowds.

Dru said...

WOW, I like your fireworks photos.

Good luck with your editing.

Have a good Monday.

Anonymous said...

What fabulous pictures! I could never take anything like that. The last time I tried they were blobby or black, but nothing good.

Oh well. Hope you are having a good Monday. Hope the edits are going all right!


The Bookworm said...

Hello Sarita! Great fireworks pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pics. Such talent! Writing, photography, cooking, gardening.....

Aussie Jude (AKA The Stirrer)