Friday, February 19, 2010

Change of Heart

When you’re on a roll, I think you should try not to deviate from the rolling streak. That is, of course, if the rolling is positive.

Me? I’m on a roll, thanks to JaNoWriMo, so I’m keeping on track. On the first of the month I began working on book three in a series I’m writing. I wrote book two in January, so the setting, characters and feel of the project is fresh. Hubby asked if I was going to take some time away from the series, but I figure I’m on a roll so I should keep at it.

The new book, called Change of Heart, is going well. The characters are developing nicely, and each have quirks and issues which make them unique. They support each other and for the most part get along pretty well. Still, one American in a sea of Londoners is going to find that there’s more than societal issues to separate a cowboy from a peer. I have a feeling he’s going to overcome his “disadvantages” and find his way to his lady’s heart—but who can tell? Maybe this’ll be the novel where no one ends up together! HA! You know I wouldn’t do that!

Anyhow, back to my roll—ah, manuscript. I hope you’re having a nice month. Anything rolling along in your world?


Mary said...

So strange to think the month is nearly over. How did that happen? Good for you working on a book despite all the other stuff going on. We are thinking of you, sweetie!!