Friday, June 05, 2009

A Dandelion Tale, Part Two

Where were we? Oh, right...we were at the point where I'd strained the wine and poured it into a gallon jug.

This is how it looked sitting on our kitchen counter. Pretty, don't you think? Full of sunshine and promise.

Unfortunately, things took an ugly turn.

It wasn't long before I ended up with this:

Not quite so pretty in the mop bucket, is it?

I don't give up easily. I did what any determined woman would do.

I went shopping. I came home with a book because, as we all know, nearly everything can be solved with a good book. Can't it?


Diane Craver said...

Sorry about the broken bottle. Hope the wine book helps!

Have a good weekend, Sarita!

Sue W. said...

Oh no!!


Melissa McClone said...

Oh, that's too bad, but I like what you purchased!

Marianne Arkins said...

Your bottle exploded?

Dru said...

Wow! Did the bottle explode? Oh Marianne asked that already. I wonder why it did what it did.

Wendy said...

Oh dear . . .

Mary said...

Maybe you dropped it. Is that it? Whatever happened it looks like such a waste!

Annie said...

Ohh nooooo! How sad!

You are going to try again, right?