Saturday, June 06, 2009

Angels in Hardhats

Most of us have prayed for help at one time or another.

Sometimes, if you're especially lucky, that help arrives in a red truck.

Pulling some big equipment.

The answer to your prayers is fearless and attacks the rocky soil with determination and enthusiasm. The truck-driving, to-the-rescue crew does what you can't, and you are grateful beyond words for their help.

They drill. They pour concrete. Despite man-hungry mosquitoes and a blazing sun, they smile.

When they're done, they leave in a big, white truck. You wave, happy that they've come to your rescue but sad to see them go.

The reminder that when you prayed, there was an answer. You needed help, and there were those who didn't turn a blind eye or deaf ear. There was a need, and it was taken care of.

Thank you, Jim, Tim and Shamus. We will be forever grateful.


Dru said...

I'm glad they were able to help you.

Sue W. said...

What a wonderful story. What is the platform for?

Mary said...

So nice! Its great that there are people in the world who help when it is needed. A great post!

Anonymous said...

How cool. Nice for you to have such great friends.