Friday, June 01, 2007

Whiskey Shots Release Day!

Today is the day of my first release with Whiskey Creek Press! I couldn't be more excited about this. My offering to the Whiskey Creek Press June line-up is a volume of two short stories, titled Whiskey Shots Volume Six: Press Pass Corfu & Mining Oatman.

The volume can be purchased in download ebook version here.

Blurbs for the two stories:

Press Pass Corfu is a tale of love set on an exotic Greek island. Lani Maxwell, star journalist, doesn’t want to interview Hollywood’s hottest movie director but he’s shooting a film on Corfu and her boss insists she do the interview. Setting off she’s doubtful she can get anything revealing from the man, but she’s determined to try. After all, isn’t that what journalists do? Get the story? But once she reaches the island, Lani finds that in a spot as magical as this one, one is likely to get more than they bargain for. And for her, the additional magic just might be something she’s never had before…love.

When Claire agrees to watch her sister Emily’s poodle, she has visions of taking long walks in the Arizona sunshine, Watson on his leash and her husband Charles by her side. She thinks she’ll get a chance to raid her sister’s wardrobe, visit Hoover Dam and relax while tumbleweeds drift in the distance. And that’s exactly what it looks like she’ll get—until Carole Lombards’ ghost pays her a tubside visit. Filled with love, intrigue and treasure in unexpected places, Mining Oatman is a story that is sure to entertain and amuse.

Now, off to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Wishing you great things with this, and every other endeavor!