Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nerves of Steel?

Yesterday I began working on edits for Snowdance. Yes, you read that right. Edits. For Snowdance.

Yep, it releases in just about six weeks.

Ha! So you thought edits were always done waaaaay in advance? HA! Well, now you know. Six weeks on this one.

Thankfully, I have been waiting for this moment so I've pretty much cleared my schedule. Well, almost cleared it. I'll have a few sleepless nights before the end of the month but I'm confident I'll meet all my obligations. And I'm thankful, too, to have an excellent editor on this project. Chere is easy to work with and wonderful about keeping close contact with her authors. I know she's completely available to advise at any moment, and she's always got the right answer. What more could an author want in an editor?

So for the next few weeks I'll try and ignore the workmen in our yard and the scaffolding surrounding it, and get down to work on edits for Snowdance. I'm thrilled to be doing this. First novels may not always be an author's best work, but they are typically the fulfillment of a dream. And that, dear friends, is worth having to develop nerves of steel.