Friday, October 09, 2009

Walking Away the Cobwebs

I've been doing some serious mulling lately. Really. Just one of those times where I've got a lot on my mind. We've all had those times, haven't we?

Anyhow, when the sun came out yesterday, I took my mulling outdoors. Sometimes it's easier to think with the breeze blowing and birds chirping, don't you think?

So I took a small handful (okay, it wasn't such a small handful) of cookies and went for a short walk.

The cookies, walk and breeze cleared my mind--for now at least.

And look at what I found! A huge tree stump, one with a hollow in it. All sorts of interesting stuff on the top of the stump. Think there are any cookie-making elves living inside it?

Yoo hoo...Elves...Send out your cookies!...Yoo hoo...

Have a nice day!


Dru said...

That's one of the think I like about walking is that your mind wanders and most time a solution is had.

I just love nature and the peacefulness of it. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

Beautiful photographs. Dru is right, they are peaceful.

I wish I had more time for walking. *sigh*