Saturday, March 07, 2009

Amore, Stile Italiano?

Happy Saturday! I hope you're well, and gearing up for a pleasant day. Here, I'm tickled because the sky is blue, the breeze is warm (40ish) and there isn't a hint of snow in the air. I'm beginning to believe that spring really may be on the way.

Hubby is somewhat worse for the wear after our Thursday morning outing. The small foray into the world was good for his spirits but his body is rebelling. So I'll pamper him a bit today, make some special foods and entice him to watch a couple of his favorite movies. Hopefully he'll feel better by tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon I was lost in Shirley Jump's The Bridesmaid and the Billionaire, a true indulgence for me since there seem to be more chores in any given day than hours, when something occurred to me. I'm enjoying the book, but I wish it was in another language. I know, that sounds strange, but I realized that if I spent more time reading books in languages I speak I'd keep myself more fluent. Usually the foreign language books I read are classics, which can be pretty dull if you're reading translations. So today I'm going to peek into a couple of sites and see if I can't find some Italian or Spanish romance titles. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I'm actually very excited about this, and wish I'd thought of it sooner.

So my day includes husband pampering, searching for International love and working on the new book while hubby naps. All good, and when done beneath a robin's egg blue sky, sure to be very satisfying.

What have you got planned for today? Anything you'd like to share?


Melissa McClone said...

Sarita - so glad you enjoyed your day! Hope hubby feels better.

Dru said...

I just came back from a lovely stroll on the boardwalk. It was crowded with people enjoying the 64 degree temperature.

I hope hubby feels better.

Have a good weekend.