Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am about to begin the task of "preparing" for the festivities...shower, dressing, tossing extra clothing into the truck in case we get caught in a snowstorm before we get back home...but first I had to take a moment and think about the day. Not the day ahead, which will be wonderful, filled with love and laughter and enough food to feed a small nation, but the whole idea of giving thanks.Oh, and not in any huge, philosophical way, either -- goodness, I don't have time for that. (I'm seriously cutting into my prep time just by sitting here for a few minutes.) No, I'm just giving it a fast, giving-thanks-in-general thought. More of a lick and a promise, as my Mom says.

So, giving thanks...We're all thankful for things in our lives. Some of us find that the things we're most thankful for overlap, which is good, I think. Others have a hard time finding one thing to be thankful for, which is sad. It makes me want to give them a couple of my "thankful things" since really, I've got so many. But who knows? Maybe those people will find a few of their own thankful bits and won't need any of mine, anyhow. We can hope, right?

But me? What am I thankful for? I'd have to say the usual suspects, the ones most easily predicted and, hopefully, the ones on most everyone's lists.

Faith. Family. Friends.

The three F's.

Because really, the other stuff is all nice, but is it necessary? And if we've found contentment with the three f's, won't the other "things" follow? I think they will. So here, as I rush to dress, I pray that I'll find socks that match so that we can spend the day with family near while we smile about family far and hope that our friends are doing the same, wherever they are.

So from our house to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.